• Work Flux Kodak Prinergy
  • On-line File Approval System Kodak InSite
  • Software Kodak Color Flow. It allows to adjust the colorimetry of each offset printing machine according to the colour tests certified according to the present normatives xxxx
  • Stochastic Dot Printing Technology: Stochastic Dot Printing or FM
  • Conventional Printing Technology or AM
  • 2 CTPS Kodak Magnus: absolutely versatile sheet printing for the rotary machine KBA Comet or the paper sheet machine KBA Rapida 105 and KBA Rapida 106
  • Plotter Epson Stylus 1100 for printing colour tests certified according to the present normative xxxx



Preimpressió i rotativa

About us

INDUGRAF OFFSET S.A. is a company dedicated to graphical production and communication. We offer our clients a wide range of press products with rotary or flat printing.

From our beginnings, we have been in permanent formation and adaptability regarding the ever-changing market we work in... [continue reading]

Contact information

Pol. Ind. Constantí
Av. Europa, illa 11, parcel·la 2
43120 Constantí (Tarragona)
GPS Lat 41.1626 / Lon 1.1593
(+34) 977 296 477
(+34) 977 296 478
FAX: (+34) 977 296 476


Open 24/7.

Business hours:

  • Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 8pm.
  • Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.