Good Environmental Practices

Good Environmental Practices Certificate from the Industry and Graphical Communication Guild of Catalonia.


The French brand Imprim'Vert® promotes the decrease in the impact on the environment.

Healthcare Register

Healthcare register for industry companies and food products of Catalonia (RSIPAC).

BRC Packaging

The BRC Packaging certificate is currently considered the reference framework to ensure safety, the legality and quality of the packaging and packaging material used.


Paper Purchase Certificate which follows the sustainable forest management criteria FSC®.

They are available as FSC® certifícates only upon request.

Paper PEFC

Paper Purchase Certificate which follows the criteria of sustainable forest management (PEFC).




About us

INDUGRAF OFFSET S.A. is a company dedicated to graphical production and communication. We offer our clients a wide range of press products with rotary or flat printing.

From our beginnings, we have been in permanent formation and adaptability regarding the ever-changing market we work in... [continue reading]

Cert. LOPD

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